7 IoT Trends To Watch In 2021 And Beyond

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IoT Trends

Internet of Things (IoT) is redefining both the industrial and the consumer worlds. This smart technology is finding its way to every business and consumer domain – from healthcare and energy to finance and agriculture. Due to the continuously increasing popularity and adoption of the Internet of Things, the market share of this technology is also surging.

As with every aspect of our lives, the global coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly affected the way this trend is developing and impacting our lives.

In a world where contact between humans is, for now, more limited, contact between devices, tools, and toys can help us to remain connected.

The following trends will give you an idea of the potential of IoT and what future holds for this technology.

1. Data Analysis

IoT-based technology is set to help businesses by simplifying the process of taking important decisions. It will be utilized to help companies for better data analysis. After carefully assessing the collected data and information, it will help brands to make improved decisions, especially when compared to an individual. It also eradicates any scope of human error and ameliorates the lifestyle of the ones who use it.

2. The Amalgamation of Big Data

The IoT is not restricted to just changing the lives of people and running businesses, instead, it has an in-depth focus on generating a large amount of data. Various Big Data platforms are built in order to support the demand for large-scale storage and investigate the advantages of IoT. This is in fact the new IoT trend that is emerging and will surely get a bang in the upcoming years.

3. IoT for Territory Monitoring

Smart tools do a lot in agriculture. They can measure soil moisture and control water supplies, or monitor the state of ripe fruits and vegetables and inform the farmer of the time to harvest. These smart methods can reduce costs, improve forecasting, planning, and harvesting. Another use case is a forest fire. Devices like infrared cameras and air filters can save our forests in the summer. It is already used in countries where summer forest fires are well known.

4. Smart Home Devices

The IoT applications has expanded to smart home technology and this will continue increasing the adoption of such technology to make homes more interactive. The evolving need for consumer convenience, safety and security, and energy consumption is the key enabler of the smart home market growth. Put simply, a smart home consists of a wide range of features and technologies that are interconnected by the IoT, voice-first technology, AI, AR and VR, and more.

5. Green IoT

The Green IoT refers to the reduced energy consumption and moving towards a safer environment, the green IoT devices are designed in a way to improve energy-friendly nature. It brings up solutions that save resources at home and work via smart production techniques producing less waste. Green networks in IoT will contribute to reducing emissions and pollutions, exploiting environmental conservation and surveillance, and minimizing operational costs and power consumption.

6. Integration of IoT in Manufacturing

Sensors in IoT processes can help you identify the existing machinery problems ahead of time. Such issues could easily be identified before the techs are sent to work on them. Hence, IoT will be a great help in preventive maintenance. Smart factories are now applying IoT applications and making use of wearables that helps workers get a transparent picture of factory conditions and safety. The wearables and IoT can successfully connect management to the factory floors. Moreover, wearables being connected with mobile devices further assist in time management and even allows for feedback. This IoT trend will surely boom in industrial development.

7. Connected healthcare

Many people stayed at home in 2020, leaving chronic conditions unmanaged, cancers undetected and preventable conditions unnoticed. In 2021, proactive engagement using wearables and sensors to detect patients’ health at home will surge.
Consumer interest in digital health devices will accelerate as individuals appreciate the convenience of at-home monitoring, insight into their health and the reduced cost of connected health devices.

I hope this was informative enough to get you started in 2021.

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