Advantage of Software Development outsourcing to Indian companies

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Software Development outsourcing to Indian companies

According to the National Association of Software and Services Companies, India is the most preferred software development outsourcing destination globally. India is considered to be one of the leading and more established outsourcing destinations in the world.

Many companies have achieved success in their business by outsourcing their software development projects, mainly to Asian countries such as India, the Philippines, Singapore, etc.

Why outsourcing to India?

India has been a one stop shop in providing the information technology outsourcing services all thought the globe. In today’s time India is called the outsourcing hub just for the fact that it can give best quality at lower price and hence reducing the operational costs.

Outsourcing to India can give you an average of 40% to 60 % net savings and help you stay agile in today's global economy. Major differentiators such as certain favorable government policies, fast-developing infrastructure, and an immensely talented work force are responsible for the Indian IT outsourcing industry continuing to experience a tremendous growth rate of 25–30% per year.

Here a few Advantages of Software Development Outsourcing to Indian companies.

1. Exceptional quality :

World-class IT infrastructure and expert, experienced & committed professionals ensure timely delivery of high-quality products. Indian outsourcing companies are known for providing consistently high-quality services, and this has earned India the top position among the destinations for outsourcing software development.

2. Economical solutions :

Hiring an in-house developer in developed countries is pretty expensive. Whereas in India, the rate per resource is lower compared to countries like the US, Canada, Australia, and other European countries. The added cost of huge salaries, Insurance, Healthcare, etc would be something that can be reduced if one outsources software development.

3. High Data Security :

One of the major benefits of outsourcing your software development project to India is its high data security. Software outsourcing involves loads of exchange of data between both ends. These data can be highly sensitive and loss or theft of these critical data will harm the reliability of the outsourcing partner. To mitigate this issue, the Indian government has inflicted strict security measures that prevent data breaches, hacking, data thefts, and many other cybercrimes. Having high data security for your projects is also one of the main benefits of outsourcing to India.

4. Skilled Workforce :

The Indian workforce that takes on the outsourced works is highly skilled and experienced in handling critical projects with ease. Additionally, this skilled workforce is less costly than their USA, Canada, UK, Australia and Dubai counterparts.

5. Real-time Project Access :

Real-time access to your project proves to be very useful especially while traveling. It is very crucial from your end to monitor your project. Outsourcing companies in India have a good reputation. They keep you updated with each and every phase of the development and provide you access to all your work documents, to-do lists, project delivery dates. You can hold regular meetings with them for inputs regarding the project progress and in order to implement changes in case any required.

6. Committed and Hard-working Professionals :

Your project is handled by hard-working professionals who are committed to fully satisfy you with the final product. Many outsourcing firms in India work 9 hours a day and are always ready to put in extra time in order to meet short project deadlines.

7. Price Flexibility :

The number one reason why India remains a top outsourcing provider is the significant cost savings such as recruitment, supervision, salary and other benefits. This is because of the gap that exists between domestic cost in India and that of the other countries. The pricing flexibility allows companies the freedom and creativity in managing their budget.

8. Timely Delivery :

Indian outsourcing companies are acknowledged worldwide for providing very fast project delivery. Apart from the expertise and huge experience of Indian professionals, time zone difference is an important factor contributing to faster project delivery. Many a time, projects are completed and delivered earlier than expected.

9. Government support :

The Indian IT outsourcing industry is backed by a stable government that facilitates Information Technology, the Indian government offers immense support to IT industries by implementing laws that are favorable to IT companies such as the IT Act, which supports e-filling of documents and also espies cybercrime and electronic contracts.

10. Maintenance and support :

Once the project is completed, companies are faced with yet another big challenge of its maintenance and providing support to users. The benefits of outsourcing maintenance and support in India are huge. Outsourcing maintenance and support allows the company as well the customer to be worry free by ensuring the application is up to date according to the current environment and all of its features and functions are performing efficiently. This will save you a significant amount of time, cost and value.

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