How To Remove Google Blacklist Warning From Website

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How To Remove Google Blacklist Warning From Website

Every day, Google blacklists thousands of websites. For most website owners, the various warnings Google can show about your website and dealing with them can seem like a challenging task.

Website owners can use this guide to understand what a blocklist is, how to remove website hacks, and how to resolve Google security warnings. This will help you quickly restore your website and reclaim visitors, revenue, and SEO rankings.

What is the Google Blocklist?

The Google black list is a database maintained by Google that contains websites flagged as unsafe for users by Google, other search engines, or security companies. These websites may host malware, Phishing attacks, spam ware, etc, and Google blacklist protects the users from these.

When a search engine blocklists a website, it refers to the process of them removing a website from its index. Blocklisted websites usually lose nearly 95% of organic traffic, which affects sales and revenue quickly.

Why does Google blacklist a website?

Website authorities such as Google, Bing, and McAfee SiteAdvisor monitor sites that appear on their results pages for malware. These include trojan horses, pharma hacks, SEO spam, and phishing schemes. Search engines, in their best interests, target such infected sites and refuse to let them be displayed or accessed by visitors, wishing to protect their integrity and trustworthiness.

There are different categories for consideration when a website is blacklisted – some may be pushed to the list for containing spam, others have malware content and yet others provide external links that lead to phishing scams and compromise visitor’s data privacy and security.

Google Blacklist Check – What Users See When Your Website Is Blacklisted

If you come across security warnings like “This website has been reported as unsafe,” then it’s likely that all (or part) of your website is blacklisted. When a blacklisting occurs, you’ll see many types of Google security warnings such as:

  1. “This website has been reported as unsafe.”
  2. “This site may harm your computer.”
  3. “The site ahead contains malware.”
  4. “This site may be hacked.”

Remove your website from blocklist warning

To remove the blocklist warning, you need to let Google know that you have completely cleared the infection. You will need a Google Search Console account to do this.

Google blacklist removal steps:

  1. Go to Google Search Console account
  2. Click on the Security Issues tab, and navigate to the bottom of the screen
  3. Hit the ‘Request a review’ button
  4. Use the form to indicate all the steps you took to resolve the security issues
  5. Submit

Please be patient after submitting the form. Each request takes a few days to resolve, but nothing can be done to speed up the process. Following up too many times will also land you on the repeat offender list. So yes, be patient.

Google Blacklist Warning

Here are some tips on how to avoid getting blacklisted by Google in the future

Work with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great way to know about your website. It gives you a comprehensive view of how your website works regarding internet traffic. It can also help you identify suspicious activity and give you insight as to whether your site may be affected by malware.


It is a good practice to keep the software up-to-date on a regular basis. This is the best precaution you can take as a webmaster, and the most basic step towards securing your website.

Go for a Security Audit

Today, website security is of utmost importance, and a website that isn't secure is more likely to be blacklisted. A security audit is a good idea - it will help you take your website's security to the next level!

Use White Hat SEO

If you’re using black hat SEO techniques, you might want to reconsider that! They have a high likelihood of getting you blacklisted by Google. Instead, here are a few positive techniques to make your website awesome:

  1. Spruce up the content on your website which makes users spend more time.
  2. Make your website secure.
  3. Pay attention to what users are looking for on your website.
  4. When blacklisted, the quicker you act, the more damage you control.

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Every day, Google blacklists thousands of websites. For most website owners, the various warnings Google can show about your website and dealing with them can seem like a challenging task.

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