Top 10 Reasons Why Laravel is Perfect For Web Development

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PHP is one of the oldest and most popular web development languages, and Laravel is its most popular framework. Laravel is a free open-source PHP-based framework that helps in developing responsive web applications. It follows a Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural model based on Symfony. It has become one of the top-rated PHP frameworks that offer optimal website performance along with a myriad of benefits.

Many of the applications demand development over JavaScript and hence developers always prefer Node.js and React.js to create high-performance applications. Both Node.js and Reac.js are JavaScript technologies, yet both of them are entirely different things. The main difference between Node.js and React.js is, while Node.js a back-end framework, React is used for developing user interfaces.

When talking about PHP framework, one of the most popular names is Laravel. This framework is known for its elegant syntax which is easy to learn, and enjoyable to work with. With Laravel, you get to work on your projects quickly. You can also save a lot of time, and work with access to functions such as user authentication, section management, and caching. Overall, Laravel has all the tools you need to build a modern web application.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open source PHP web framework developed and maintained by Taylor Otwell as an attempt to provide a more advanced alternative to the CodeIgniter framework. Its architectural patterns are majorly based on Symfony.

Why Laravel?

We will outline some of the interesting features of the Laravel framework here, which will explain why it is gaining so much popularity.

Easy to Get Started :

Building a website is very easy in PHP Laravel. In this, you can write procedural code as well do Object-Oriented Programming. It also offers many libraries that you can use to build a website from scratch. Easy implementation of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is the reason developers prefer this platform for website building.

Security :

Whenever you create any application then security is a must. Laravel takes care of web security it never stores plane text in the database. It uses encrypted passwords that make Laravel more secure and when authenticated user login, a unique key is generated so the chances of hacking may reduce. It works on the encryption method uses Bcrypt hashing algorithms for creating an encrypted password.

MVC Support :

This is a really important factor, MVC is one of the other that makes Laravel the best PHP structure for the development. The greater part of the platforms ignore to give bother free support to MVC structure, the Laravel underpins MVC design which helps in enhancing the code execution, better documentation and offers various features. It makes Laravel development very appealing, effective and simple.

Packaging System :

A packaging system deals with the multiple support software or libraries that help the web application to automate the process. Laravel uses a composer as a dependency manager, which manages all the information needed to manage packages. Packages are a great way to accelerate development is to provide the functionality we need out of the box. Image, Laravel Debug bar and Laravel IDE helper are some of the best Laravel packages.

Built-in project environment :

Laravel framework provides an integrated project environment for the developers, making it easy to manage things. Once again, it simplifies the lengthy and complex programming tasks and makes them relatively hassle-free. This is because the framework provides a more structured and clear way of coding for web development requirements of diverse types. Ease and speed of development brings benefits for businesses that choose to invest in Laravel development instead of any other platform.

Why Laravel

Blade Templating :

Laravel ships with blade template engine by default, which allows you to use plain php code in your application. More, it doesn’t add any overhead to your application. According to documentation, Two primary benefits of using blades are, Template Inheritance & sections. More, Blade engine allows you to do following things. Define sections, Extend views, Echo & escaping Conditional statements, Looping & Includes.

Database migration :

High beneficial of using the Laravel web development framework is the Migrations of databases. These migrations allow the developers to easily undo the changes made into the database. Developers can share the databases to other developers within the team easily and save a lot of time in the development process.

Modular :

Created on more than 20 different libraries, Laravel is itself split up into different individual modules. The framework has adopted modern PHP principles that enable developers to build user-friendly modular and responsive web development.

Events and Broadcasting :

Laravel has a concept named broadcasting which is useful in the modern web application to implement real-time data, showing live feeds,etc. Broadcasting allows you to share same event name between your server-side and client-side, so you will able to pull real-time data from the application.

Unit Testing :

PHP unit testing is the most preferable testing by the developers. It supports the Laravel Framework. It is used to perform unite testing for web applications. It is best to test your code in detail. While you can perform two types of testing with the help of Laravel one is Unit testing and the other is Feature testing.

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