Top Reasons to use Node.js with React for Web Development

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Today’s era is highly competitive as well as technological that goes above and beyond our imagination to give the best experience to customers. One the upcoming and latest trends is to keep engaging customers on their devices that they use very frequently.

Many of the applications demand development over JavaScript and hence developers always prefer Node.js and React.js to create high-performance applications. Both Node.js and Reac.js are JavaScript technologies, yet both of them are entirely different things. The main difference between Node.js and React.js is, while Node.js a back-end framework, React is used for developing user interfaces.

If you’re confused between Node JS vs React, then you’ve come to the right place. This article will help you. In this blog, I will explain to you 5 reasons why you should use Nodejs with React.

Why is the combination of React.JS and Node.JS always ideal?

Developers are always keen to prefer the combination of ReactJS and NodeJS in order to develop reusable user interface modules. React JS is an open-source JavaScript library and it is commonly used as the V in MVC as JavaScript virtual DOM as it is faster than other DOM.

Though React.js is designed to be used in a browser much, React.js development companies use it to render in a server using the combination of Node.js. The data and modules are ideal for maintaining large applications as well as improve readability across various devices.

What Node.JS Stands for?

Node.js is a technology to build the back-end of applications with JavaScript.

Google Chrome`s V8 JavaScript engine powers Node.js. Node.js effective and lightweight because it uses event-driven and non-blocking I/O model. Developers use this framework for hosting APIs, serving HTTP requests, and accessing the database.

What React.JS Stands for?

React.js is an open-source front-end library to develop user interfaces for websites and web apps in a structured way. The idea behind React.js is to allow the developing of a dynamic library with high performance. For instance, this technology is used to show newsfeed while people are chatting. React js alternatives are Angular and Vue.js.

Here are the top 10 reasons to use Node.js and React together to make your code highly efficient and scalable:

1. Web applications:

Classic web apps on the server side, using Node JS to carry HTML. One of the main benefits in this regard is more SEO-friendly content.


Building JSON APIs for your application is very efficient with Nodejs due to high code reusability and easy code sharing in Reactjs.

3. Proxy:

To deploy Node as proxy to handle connections in non-blocking way. Great for app working with external services, exporting and importing lots of data.

4. High server load:

Using Nodejs with React makes sense when your web application needs handling of multiple requests and maintaining server load balance.

5. Streaming data:

E.g., file uploading in real time, file encoding while uploading, building proxies between data layers.

6. MERN stack:

Nodejs can also be used with React with MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, and Nodejs) stack.

7. Dashboards:

Web application or system monitoring dashboards, enabling tracking user actions. Node also can visualize such interactions for you in real-time.

8. Real-time data:

If your application’s core is based on Real-time Data-Intensive management or Data Streaming, using Nodejs is highly advisable for continued server connection.

9. Chats / RTAs:

Lightweight real-time applications, like messaging apps interfaces, Twitter, chat software. A classic chat would be a great example of Node use. Simple, intensive on data and across multiple devices.

10. Single Page Applications (SPA):

Developing Single Page Applications in React while using Node to build a lightweight backend model for asynchronous data loading through callback functions.

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